Jazzy B & Kaur B Concert Review




I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to the Prince of Bhangra Jaswinder Bains AKA Jazzy B while he was in Edmonton on his Canadian tour.

I had asked my personal friend and local 101.7 World FM Edmonton DJ Patwant Singh if he would like to interview Jazzy and he was thrilled by the opportunity. I then reached out to TrendsterUK, Jazzy’s management team and they were great! They set everything up for us and we broadcasted the interview live on our Periscope account @SB_Periscope and also below on our Youtube channel now.

As for the concert, it started off with the live band which had an amazing sound to it. They were followed by and along with Yugraj who had a great set topped off by Rangla Hassa.

They then moved onto the new queen of Punjabi music Kaur B who was brilliant on the stage, her energy showed and it got the crowd really going. Their werent many people who werent either nodding their heads to the beat, moving their feet or jumping up and down through the aisles. She is a great dancer and it showed, not only singing but moving all over the stage.

Once Jazzy B was introduced the crowd erupted in anticipation, Jazzy is easily one of the best live performers in the Punjabi music industry with his voice and his dance moves. He performed a mix of tracks including the newer ones and obviously the classics we have heard throughout the years.

My highlight of the show definitely had to be Mitran Da Boot performed by Jazzy and Kaur B, the duet sounded perfect. We are used to seeing the Jazzy and Shinda shows through the years but this was definitely one of the best concerts I have seen and brings out a wider audience as the addition of Kaur B gets the older generation and ladies to the show as well.

Seeing the B Jazzy clothing line collection was great, some amazing ideas put onto tshirts and being able to represent Jazzy B. Though they were nearing the end of the tour and their selection of sizes of clothing for each of the items was very limited. You can check out all of his clothing on BJazzy.In

Once again I’d like to thank Jazzy B and his management Trendster UK for the opportunity!

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