Goaltender Controversy in Vancouver?

Let me first start of by saying their is no goalie controversy on the Canucks. Ryan Miller is the clear #1 goalie and that is what he has been brought in to do, he has struggled as of late but what matters most is the W category which he has 16 of and makes him tied for 5th in the NHL. Eddie Lack has been playing great lately as the backup, which gives us a pretty good duo in goal. Also with the team off to a pretty good start this season theres not too much to complain about with this teams goaltending so the media and the fans should tone it down a bit.
As we have had the last few seasons in Vancouver there has been way too much made of the goaltending with the Canucks. First it was Roberto Luongo- Cory Schneider, we all know Luongo has and will always be a better goaltender than Schneider. Luongo is carrying the Panthers this season and they are currently in a playoff spot, as for Schneider he may have decent stats but he’s under 500 and nowhere near a playoff spot as of yet.

Lack did a decent job after being put in the tough position last season after taking over for Luongo as the starter once Luu was dealt. We were in the playoff race until that trade, it was just too much too soon for Eddie as he was playing almost every game until Markstrom played near the end of the year. Too heavy of a workload, but this season as a backup he can learn a lot from Ryan Miller and eventually make him an elite #1 goalie someday in the league.

As for all of us fans, no matter what goalie starts we would like Wins and obviously for the teams to make the playoffs again and contend for the ultimate prize the Stanley Cup.