The game last night against the Islanders was rock rock bottom. Played a perfect 37 mins to start the game. Then Jensen takes a couple penalties, followed up by Bieksa and Sestito and NY somehow scores a franchise high 7 goals in the game and wins it. How do you let the 4th worst team in the league without their best player Tavares beat you, let alone score 7 in a period?

The Canucks organization needs to make changes, I wouldnt be surprised if Tortorella is gone by the end of the week. What really needs to happen is for Gillis to be booted out of the city. He made no changes to improve the team for the last 4 years when every single one of us knew we needed a top 6 scoring winger, which he never acquired. #FireGillis #FireTorts

I’ve said it in my previous blogs and ill say it again. Eddie Lack is NOT a #1 goalie and will not be for atleast a few years, what we needed was a veteran guy like Ryan Miller, or Jaroslav Halak if we knew we we’re gonna deal Luongo. Why would you “Re-tool” your team with 2 rookie goalies with basically no NHL experience?

This is gonna be a long summer because this team is not going anywhere except to their individual homes in mid April.

– JH



One thought on “#LACKingGoaltending

  1. Gillis won’t make any major changes and the Aquilini’s won’t fire him because they don’t want to lose out on any $. I’ll be shocked if either of those 2 things happen.

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