Once again another embarrassing display by the Canucks in a must win game. Every single line was invisible, with the exception of a couple players; Matthias looked really good out there and was really noticeable with his hits and the 7 shots he put at the next. Markstrom had limited action as he only played in the 3rd period, but besides the hat trick goal he gave up to Seguin his positioning looked pretty good.

Eddie Lack proved that atleast for that game he might not exactly be ready to carry all of Vancouver on his back like Luongo had done the last 8 years. I dont see how the Canucks wont look to acquire a veteran goalie in the offseason, maybe look at Halak or Miller as options.

The defence was brutal, I cant count how many 2 on 1s and odd man rushes there were for the Stars; even a 2-0 from centre on one play. Defence is too worried about pinching up in the play and always get caught trying to get back into the play, but thats probably due to the fact we’re always trailing and needing to score atleast a couple goals.

On the plus side we can all watch the Panthers game tonight and watch the re-debut of Luongo as a Florida Panther.



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