Canucks Deadline Moves.

Finally, I decided to start my own blog after weeks of saying I would eventually. Id first like to talk about the Roberto Luongo saga over the last 2 years. Luongo has been treated so poorly by the coaches and the management of this team. He would have a couple bad games and everyone would get on him, which we didn’t really see happen to Schneider or even Lack when he had a bad game. Lui has carried our team for the last 8 years, there is no goalie in franchise history that can compare to him; just look at his numbers, he leads in almost every single category in Canuck history.

This team would have never made it to the Stanley Cup finals without his solid goaltending. All the problems started a couple of seasons ago when Vigneault all of a sudden decided to start Schneider over Luongo in a playoff game and its been downhill since that. Everything we put Luongo through since then, is completely on the management. Instead of trading him at the draft they decide to trade Schneider, go and visit Lui in his home in Florida and decide to promise him his starting position back.

He’s had a solid season and even had a shutout in the only game he played for team Canada, but since the team wasn’t playing well and they were losing he basically takes all the blame and gets called “Inconsistent” by Tortorella, which is a joke. Being a die hard Luongo fan I’m glad he finally got his wish and gets to go back to Florida and maybe lead them into the playoffs someday but I don’t think there is a single Canucks fan who wont miss him and what he brought to our team.

On to the goaltending situation now. Eddie Lack as the starter and Jacub Markstrom as the backup, is this seriously what the team expects to re-tool around? Why not atleast try to bring in a veteran presence, and go for a guy like Halak. Can we really rely on 2 players who have combined for just over 50 games of NHL experience? Lack has been playing well but I don’t see him being able to handle the pressure of being the #1 goalie night in and night out for years to come, well not yet atleast. Matthias also isn’t the answer to our scoring problems, he’s a 3rd liner at best and as even Ray Ferraro said sometimes he doesn’t show up and is barely able to crack the lineup as the 4th liner.

Ryan Kesler asks for a trade… and once again Mike Gillis decides not to make any moves even though there were atleast 3-4 teams in a bidding war to acquire him. Price might have been really high, but it needed to be for a player of his calibre. Hard to find heart and soul guys, especially one who has done everything he has for this franchise.

I thought the Raphael Diaz move for Weise was a solid pickup but now we trade him to the Rangers for a 5th round pick. Not really much of a big deal, but I think he would have been good for depth since there have been so many injuries this season.



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